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The Band

PAUL WINN  |  Vox/Blues Harp

Manager and one of the original founders of the band.  Paul is also a multi-award nominated Blues Radio Presenter

as the host of "Blues From The Ouse" on Jorvik Radio.

A big personality with a voice to match and also an accomplished Harmonica player.  Described by Blues Matters

as "a wonderful frontman", "self-deprecating", "mercurial" and "effervescent". 

Paul has been running Ryedale Blues Club since 2017 and also, alongside Ben co-organises York Blues Festival




Ben is also an original member of the band and one half of an exceptional rhythm section.  No solos and

no nonsense as it's all about the groove.


Ben is also a multi-award nominated Blues Radio Presenter as co-hosts "Blues From The Ouse" on Jorvik Radio

as well as being the co-organiser for York Blues Festival.



Lloyd is likely to be one of the finest guitar players you will ever get to see and has legendary status around York and beyond. 


He spent years backing touring US artists and has appeared on countless albums that are cluttering up the racks of charity shops near you. 


He has a unique approach to playing guitar that baffles anyone who is watching him closely.  


STEVE BRANDON  |  Hammond & Rhodes

Blues Matters got it right about Steve as described him as "wonderfully talented" and "the icing on the Cake". 

We don't disagree.


What Steve has brought to the band is simply outstanding.



The other half of an exceptional rhythm section and also a highly respected and legendary drummer who has played all over the world.  Paul is an absolute beast of a drummer and is fondly referred to as "T-Bone Tommo".

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